Pick Max in the endurance test

Report from the test at the TIZ Grieskirchen test institute

Developing products further, improving their quality and functionality - this is where the TIZ can make a significant contribution.

In a current project, the TIZ is supporting the SIHGA company in the development of the "big brother" of its well-known load handling device "Pick", the "Pick Max". In order to check the maximum permissible loads, tests are carried out using hydropulse cylinders on all timber dimensions, timber types and load cases. 

In order to be able to carry out tests on a wide range of cross-laminated timber panels (dimensions from 500mm to 1400 mm and a thickness of up to 16 cm) in the shortest possible time, the TIZ test engineers have designed and manufactured their own jigs. The fixtures are individually adjustable to load the different panel thicknesses at different angles (0°,45° and 90°). 

This allowed a total of 180 combinations to be extensively tested in less than 2 weeks: All possible loads that can occur during loading and unloading or manipulation of cross laminated timber elements were tested. 

Result: The product delivers what it promises - safe loading, unloading and moving of large timber construction elements - for a long service life. 

13 September 2023