Cycling for our nature!

Half of all car journeys in Austria are shorter than five kilometers. The result is many unnecessary journeys. And cycling in the city is not only more environmentally friendly, but often also faster than driving a car.
Half of all car rides in Austria are shorter than five kilometers. Consequently, there are many unnecessary rides. Taking the bike in the city is not only more environmentally aware, but often also faster than going by car.

 For this reason, our employee Thomas Hutzinger swapped his company car for a company bike! Even though he doesn’t live close-by – not even in the district of Gmunden, but in Anthering close to Salzburg – he decided to switch. Starting in Anthering, he cycles to the central station of Salzburg, then switches to the train and in Gmunden once more to his bike to cycle the final kilometers to the office. And all of this even without an electric drive.

Reason for this switch was among others the travel time of more than 50 minutes in each direction. “Almost two hours a day in my car, only to get to work and back home, doesn’t only waste time, but is also exhausting and tiring. Due to bike and train I save time and get in good trim. Thanks to my notebook, I can also use the time on the train for work“, says Hutzinger.

 Concerning the questions if he kept in mind that there is the possibility of rain or even snow, he replied with a big grin, “There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.”

To make his rides even more environmentally friendly, Thomas Hutzinger consciously chose a bike from “My Esel”, having a wooden frame. And even though this brand offers bikes equipped with an electric engine, Hutzinger renounced it – for our environment. The most important aspect when biking is ergonomics and a comfortable sitting position. For this reason, multiple seating positions were measured, and different saddle and handlebar components tried out. By doing so, the bike could be individually tailored to his size and demands.

Find more information on the website of My Esel.

23 November 2022