Builder's price 2022

The Central Association of Architects in Austria (ZV) has been awarding the “Builder's Prize” since 1967. This prize honors people (groups) who have made a special contribution to building culture as builders or clients.
On a regular basis, the umbrella organisation of Austrian architects (ZV) has awarded the “Builder Price” since 1967. This award acknowledges personalities or groups of people who make an outstanding contribution to the building culture. Through the years the Austrian Building Owners’ Price has established itself as one of the most important awards of the building sector.

 On 4th of November 2022 the prices were awarded as part of a gala in Salzburg. Out of overall 86 submissions the jury ascertained five award winners. At two and a half awarded projects wood made a significant contribution. SIHGA congratulates all stakeholders – thank you for trusting SIHGA-Systems realizing your projects!

Let’s call two award winners before the curtain:
Wohnanlage Friedrich-Inhauser-Straße, Salzburg
Timber construction: Ebster Bau GmbH

Weingut Lockenbauer, Pichla bei Radkersburg
Architecture: Mascha Ritter
Timber construction: Muhri Holz GmbH
Statics: ZMP GmbH

Information on the Builder Price:
Pics Weinhof Lockenbauer by: Weinhof Locknbauer / Simon Oberhofer
Pics Inhauser by: Volker Wortmeyer

24 November 2022