product information


  • Many different areas of application
  • For mounting in wood and concrete
  • Very high shear carrying capacity thanks to new fastening concept
  • Fewer connectors required

Instruction for use

For anchoring in wood, there are 6 angled screw holes per leg and 41 holes which are optionally provided for angle fitting screws (WBS) or anchor nails. Depending on the application, we have provided two additional partial utilisations of the fixing holes, which are also available as a type static calculation. Anchoring in concrete is done through the holes provided for this purpose (Ø 14 mm) using our BeziFix® anchor ZSS Ø 12.5 x 120 mm.

To match:

GoFix® ZSS 5 x 120 mm, BeziFix® anchor ZSS Ø 12.5 x 120 mm, anchor nail and angle fitting screw