product information

The Mass-X® Pull Angle P-HB 340 is a steel sheet moulding especially for timber frame construction for the transmission of tensile forces. It enables simple and quick base point anchoring of timber elements in wood, steel or concrete substrates. The Mass-X® Pull Angle P-HB 340 is particularly stable and can withstand high loads.


  • Short bridge height (150 mm)
  • Indirect fastening through an intermediate layer (e.g. OSB)
  • For mounting on wood and concrete
  • Optimised screw pattern for very high tensile load capacities
  • In combination with the pressure plate, the tensile force can be additionally increased

Instructions for use

The Mass-X® Pull Angle P-HB 340 is placed on the planking in the floor area and fastened to the stem and, if necessary, to the threshold with screws or anchor nails. The connection is capable of safely transferring tensile, suction and shear forces via the screws into the Mass-X® Pull Angle P-HB 340 and finally via a dowel into the base plate. Maximum threshold height: 150 mm taking into account the distances to the end timber edge according to EC5.