product information

SIHGA® tip
Connection and lift-off protection of both parts with enclosed screws.
transfers up to 191 kN compressive force per fastening point
the most permanent and reliable connection
unique on the market: made 100% from stainless steel
no risk of corrosion, usage class 3
developed and made in Austria
local quality and added-value
permanent wood connection
the wood remains undamaged due to wood protection
can be combined with IdeFix® IF 304 or 406 for 16.62 kN tensile force and horizontal force of 5.97 kN
for high tensile forces, the globally unique product with three-dimensional, standardised screw connection in grain-cut wood provides security
two-part system
quick and easy installation, upper part can be installed in the factory
two models for all applications
can be used flexibly, height compensation up to 65 mm, also when installed
calculation values
SIHGA® performs the calculation for you
including accessories made from stainless steel, L-GoFix® MS, BeziFix® Anchor ZSE, SIHGAFIX® and installation instructions
rust-free, time-saving, practical, precise, complete accessories enclosed