product information

fastens the entire load of the horizontal and vertical facade covering
takes the entire load of the facade covering
fastens on wood or brickwork with the BeziFix®Therm TR dowel
can be installed on any foundation, with the BeziFix® Therm TR anchor the right drill is always enclosed for precise drilling through all materials. Hozibo® SDS even leaves hollow bricks undamaged
also protects the substructure of the facade
SC 3-corrosion protection and insulation protect against rust and thermal bridges
aligns the facade
saves underlay work for levelling as well as counter-battens
for full-surface thermal insulation
prevents thermal bridges
easy installation for soft, hard, blown-in and full surface insulation up to 300 mm; can be used horizontally and vertically
fast, thereby saving time and wage costs
including Systemstift® and installation instructions
enclosed accessories - practical and time-saving