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TerrassenFix Aqua 1000 mm

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10 pcs. TerrassenFix Aqua 1000 mm in the objektpack incl. 60 pcs. F-BohrFix ES 3,2 x 50, stainless steel, TX 10, partial thread and assembly instruction

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SIHGA® - Feature   YOUR- Advantage
drainage grating for protecting seals for use in passages   professional design in accordance with B 3691 and DIN 68800 standards
aluminium profile with special geometry     easy to work with conventional tools
perforation for rapid water drainage   protection of vertical bonding and seals
grooved surface   prevents spray water
developed for universal use   suitable for terrace projects
supplied in 1000 mm or 4000 mm length   simply put the necessary parts together
incl. BohrFix® FB 4.2 x 28   for securing on wood or aluminium substructure
SIHGA® TIP   simply secure to substructure with BohrFix® FB 4.2 x 28

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