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TerrassenFix II TF

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100 pcs. TerrassenFix II TF in the montagepack incl. 5 pcs. TerrassenFix II dowel TFS and assembly instruction

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SIHGA®  Feature   YOUR Benefit
universal constructive wood protection for terraces   creates distance between the woods, thereby allowing them to breathe and increasing the lifespan
developed, patented and made in Austria   top European quality, experience from more than 14 years of terrace construction included
TerrassenFix® II TF with Ø 70 mm is only placed on the substructure   saves time, no installation work
joint setting for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 mm wide joints without residue in the joint   joint widths can be adjusted quickly as a result; time-saving, practical, precise, all accessories enclosed
including TerrassenFix® II rods TFS and installation instructions   TerrassenFix® II rods TFS cannot fall into the joints
TerrassenFix® II rods TFS are removed entirely using a handle, can be reused after screw-connecting the planks   nothing blocks the planks during their swell and shrinkage behaviour
monitored production from polyethylene    remains permanently dimensionally stable, is heat-, frost- and UV-resistant
calculation of quantity per m²   1: substructure distance [m] : width of terrace planks + joint [m]
SIHGA® TIP   The joint space should not be less than 7 mm or 6 % of the plank width.

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