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Klebsan Einzelverbindung Q

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SIHGA®  Feature   YOUR Benefit
developed, patented and manufactured in Austria   highest European quality and value creation
a wood-concrete connector for precast elements   fastens wood frame walls and plywood board walls on concrete
innovative fastening technology with a view to the future   the first system that permits reliable casting with synthetic resin
the level is constructed simply and steplessly with the adjusting disc   no cumbersome underlaying of small, compensating plates or assembling an indicative threshold
the Klebsan® sits right in the force axis of the walls   force is taken up where it impacts and the anchor is protected from fire
the holes are prefinished in the factory at 30 mm   at the construction site, only the threaded rods need to be installed in the concrete
drill a 14 mm hole in the concrete, insert a glass cartridge and the threaded rod can then seat   the adhesion guarantees high load transfer in the concrete area
Klebsan® is filled with a two-component PUR-high performance synthetic resin   the system guarantees bubble-free, homogenous connection at the construction site
the intrinsic weight of the wall presses the resin into the drilled hole through the tube extension   simply position the wall and the anchoring is complete
the geometries ensure an assembly tolerance of ± 5 mm in all directions   measurement with a chalk line and tape measure is easily possible
no recesses needed in the panelling for the angle of traction or the like   saves time and money
SIHGA® TIP   use the 30 mm ZaFix® Lewis drill for drilling by hand

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